The Winston-Salem Regional Veterans Affairs (VA) Office processes nearly all of the claims for the more than 773,000 veterans living in North Carolina.  It has been able to clear most of the cases that had been waiting two years or more, and now is working on cases that have waited 12 months or more.  To achieve this reduction in backlog, the regional office hired 25 more employees, reached out for assistance from offices in other parts of the country, and is encouraging veterans to use the E-Benefits site accessible by clicking here. “E-Benefits is huge,” states Cheryl J. Rawls, director of the Winston-Salem office. “This is a very strategic tool in beating the backlog down.”  Once enrolled in E-Benefits, veterans can check the status of their disability claim, make a new claim, submit documents, make medical appointments, reorder prescriptions, or apply for vocational, educational, and other benefits.

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