The purpose of the Veterans day

On October 1, Veterans Day is celebrated all over the world. According to the international classification, an elderly person is considered to have reached 65 years of age. There are more than 629 million in the world today, almost every tenth person on Earth. This holiday is an opportunity for all of us to remind ourselves of the human duty of caring and attentive to "elderly people." Older people are wisdom, experience, knowledge, and courage. They withstood all time trials and became a model of resilience and endurance. Every year the memory of the Second World War erases, and with them, the lives of veterans are extinguished like lights. They are witnesses of history, and bearers of a culture of the last century, so we do not lose the opportunity to gain knowledge about the world, society, and life. On this day, the world is talking about the active actions taken to protect the interests of the elderly, the creation of favorable living conditions for them, and the unresolved in this area. It is a reason to think about the interconnectedness of generations. Veterans and the elderly have suffered hardships. They went through the horrors of totalitarianism, famines, war, and repression but managed to survive and carry through life the best spiritual qualities of the generation - honor, dignity, education, and tolerance. They are a part of history, and the younger generation should also be aware of important historical events. So, when students get the task to write what Veterans day means to me essay, it is not a surprise. A theme sets a particular course for your work and a goal you must achieve.

How to write an essay about Veterans day?

Most students often underestimate the art of writing a good essay. One reason is that the task may seem easy, and it can be assumed that everyone can write a decent essay. So, there are several recommendations on how to write a valuable essay:

  • The introduction is one paragraph. Use attention traps such as a quote, a poem, a question, a thought, an unusual fact, an idea, or a funny story. There is no need to state the main idea in the first sentence. But it should lead to it or somehow relate to the main idea or thesis and contain the essay's main provisions. 
  • The main body is 2-3 paragraphs. Express yourself clearly. Support main ideas with facts, reflections, ideas, vivid descriptions, quotes, or other information or material that intrigues and grabs the reader's attention.
  • The conclusion is one paragraph. Demonstrate your potential in this area. Show your views on the problem. 

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